An unexpected reprint!

Once upon a time, I designed this truly bizarre pattern. Inspired by a slightly tipsy conversation with my wife, I decided to create a scarf that was based on a deck of cards. Using my two-pattern and three-color techniques together, I devised a template that allowed me to knit cards that each had a front and a back. I combined 54 of them (including 2 jokers) to make this magnum opus of a pattern.

I sold the pattern on Ravelry, but I figured there might be a niche market for printed versions, so I had a small run of 100 of them printed with the help of my publisher but not under their control. I put 10 of them into kits and sold the rest individually. It took me about 3 years to sell that many, and I decided it wasn’t worth it to print more so I just sold them out and that was it — they were still available on Ravelry, after all.

A couple years later, I was in the process of getting the rights back from my publisher for Extreme Double-knitting, and was told that part of the process involved deleting the digital books on file with the printer so they couldn’t print any more. I was asked if I wanted a last run of copies of either book — and I figured, since this was literally my last chance, I should print another small run of 52 Pickup.

So here you have it. At the time of this post, there are 13 copies (after sales at Stitches West and an announcement yesterday to my mailing list) of 52 Pickup back in the world. Each one comes with a free PDF download of the pattern on Ravelry, as usual. There won’t be any more after this, unless there’s sufficient interest that it makes sense to print them in several-hundred copy runs at my new printer, which doesn’t seem likely. For more info, visit the 52 Pickup page. To buy one, visit my store. And thanks!

2018 Workshops so far …

As the 2018 “Spring” teaching season begins, I felt I should make a definitive posting of the season’s final workshop schedule. Clearly missing is the Vogue Knitting Live appearance which has already passed. I’m also trying to give as much info on book/pattern sales at these events as I currently have.

  • January 20, Epsom, NH: I’ll be doing an intro workshop for the NH Spinners & Dyers’ Guild. I’ll be bringing my books and patterns for sale.
  • January 27, Wayland, MA: I’ll be doing an intro workshop at Wayland Winter Farmers’ Market Farm & Fiber Day. I won’t have a formal vendor presence here. My books and patterns will be for sale to my students; if you’re not a student but interested in something feel free to corral me at the market and I’ll be happy to sell it.
  • February 22-25, Santa Clara, CA: I’ll be returning to Stitches West and teaching (among other things) two brand new workshops on double-knit intarsia and double-knit entrelac! My books and patterns will be available at Wall of Yarn, booth 827/829.
  • March 22-25, Hartford, CT: I’ll be teaching a few workshops at Stitches United. My books and patterns will be available at the Wall of Yarn booth.
  • April 6-8, Pittsburgh, PA: I’ll be returning to the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival. My books and patterns will be available at the Space Cadet Yarn booth.
  • April 27-28, Minneapolis, MN: I’ll be back at Yarnover for my second year! My books and patterns will be available at the ModeKnit booth.
  • May 2-6, West Friendship, MD: I’ll be teaching a series of workshops at Maryland Sheep & Wool. Books and patterns will be available at the Buffalo Wool Co booth.
  • June 13, Warwick, RI: I’ll be teaching an intro workshop and doing a presentation to the Ocean State Knitting Guild. I will be selling my own books and patterns at this event.
  • August 2-4, Schaumburg, IL: I’ll be returning to Stitches Midwest after a few years away; my books and patterns will be available at the Wall of Yarn booth.
  • September 5-9, Searsport, ME: I’ll be returning to Fiber College to teach three 4-hour classes. I’ll be selling my own books and patterns at this event.
  • September 13-16, Amherst, MA: I’ll be doing a series of intro and intermediate workshops at the WEBS Fall Knitting Retreat.

More to come as contracts are signed! For more details on many of these, visit my Events Calendar.