Workshops to round out 2021

I’ve scheduled some new virtual workshops in the BuildingBlox series, and I’ve given the people on my workshop interest lists and my Patreon supporters first crack at enrollment, so now it’s time to give everyone else a chance to get in. There’s still space in all of my workshops, even the ones later on this month. As usual, they’re pay-what-you-want, above a modest minimum. I have just opened some more slots in the Intro workshop this coming Thursday, so if you were trying to get into that, there’s now more room!

In case you missed the memo, all of these workshops are being recorded. But you need to enroll to get access to the recording. The good news is that you don’t actually need to attend the workshop (if it doesn’t work for your schedule/time zone/etc)! If you enroll and select “No” on the attendance dropdown, you’ll still get access to the recording but we won’t wait up for you at the workshop itself. Access to recordings is promised for 3 months but it’s likely that they’ll be online for at least 6 months, possibly longer. It’s still a new wrinkle in my workshop process, and just as with everything else, I’m still figuring it out and will try to make it better and better each time.

Without further ado, here are all of my upcoming virtual workshops (all times in Eastern time). For more info on each workshop, click through the enrollment page to the workshop page:

Virtual workshops for January 2022 and beyond will be scheduled and announced later. I am also going to make an appearance at Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat in February, 2022 — yes, in person! Here are the workshop links for that event:

Stay tuned for more soon(ish)!

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