April and May workshops update

This is a quick update about workshops — BuildingBlox, other virtual ones, and in-person!


Enrollments in my April workshops are on the low side, and all are in the next couple of weeks, so if you’ve been thinking about it, maybe go sign up now?

May workshops have me working around a number of scheduling difficulties such as Mothers’ Day, plus a weekend with two other big virtual shows (one of which I’ll be teaching at). So in all likelihood, I will schedule May workshops for the last couple of weeks of May. Stay tuned for an announcement about those soon!

I’m also thinking about some policy changes to ensure I’m using my own and others’ time wisely. Right now there is no minimum enrollment number — because I’ve never had trouble filling workshops to a reasonable level. But if/when a workshop doesn’t fill enough to compensate me properly for the time I spend teaching it, I’ve got two options: cancel it, or … shorten it. My workshops by default are 3 hours long, but I frequently teach 2-hour versions of many of them. Shortening the workshop removes some of the time available for Q&A, but with a smaller number of students, there are usually fewer questions. I tested this with a recent workshop, and it worked out well for all involved. I won’t go into a lot more depth here now, but I’ll work up a new policy page on my website soon and mention it next time I post here.

Live Workshops

Later in April, I will be in Loveland, CO for Interweave Yarn Fest. There’s still room in most of my workshops, and while I can’t link to them directly here, I’ll list them and how much room is left, and if you’re available and interested, you can go enroll!

All times are in MDT.

  • Thurs, Apr 21, 9am-12pm: Double-knitting Off the Grid (2 spots left)
  • Thurs, Apr 21, 1:30-4:30pm: Intro to Double-knitting (5 spots left)
  • Thurs, Apr 21, 6-9pm: Multi-color Double-knitting (17 spots left)
  • Fri, Apr 22, 9am-12pm: Double-knitting Lace (15 spots left)
  • Fri, Apr 22, 1:30-4:30pm: Double-knitting Intarsia (13 spots left)
  • Sat, Apr 23, 9am-12pm: Intro to Double-knitting (14 spots left)

Other Virtual Workshops

It’s been a while since I’ve taught virtual workshops for anyone other than myself, but Stitches and Vogue are still doing their virtual shows, and while I don’t have enrollment links yet, I can let you know that I will be teaching for the Stitches Expo at Home event in May, and most likely the Virtual Knitting Live event in June. Once I have enrollment links for those, I’ll post about those too.

In other news

I’ve got a new pattern — one of the 3 scarves in Rowan Felted Tweed/Colour, of which the first was the Tendrils pattern — on the blocking mat right now; once it’s blocked, measured, and photographed, I’ll release the pattern and post about it, so stay tuned! And don’t forget, if you join my Patreon at the $5 tier or above, you’ll get that pattern (and any/all other patterns I release while you’re a member) for free!

I’ve also got a new workshop on Advanced Texture in Double-knitting — folding the old Marling workshop into a new 3-hour session that focuses on transitions between knits, purls, and marls, including some new techniques (and new ways of using old techniques). That will debut later this Summer or Fall, so stay tuned!

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