Podcast #8 is up!

Well, folks, it’s been a long time since the last one of these, but here’s the new one! Thanks for your patience; I hope it’s worth the wait! In it, I talk about plans to futureproof Fallingblox Designs (specifically regarding virtual workshops), some new innovations, and more. If you click through to YouTube, the clickable links for the various things I share in the video are also there.

In other news

I want to give you a heads up about the next few months. I will be closing out my Fall season with this month’s virtual workshops, listed here:

It has become clear that I need to find a sustainable way to continue to offer virtual workshops in a post-pandemic world (as alluded to in my previous post), and that if I just continue to offer the same workshops in the same way, I’ll never actually find a time to make that transition. At the same time, I need time to work on workshop content, perhaps formulate some new workshops, and then come back in 2023 with a real workable plan. So I’m taking the rest of 2022 to figure this stuff out. Want to make sure you’re among the first to know when the workshops return? Join my mailing lists on my contact page.

Want to stay updated on what I’m doing in the meantime (and help me weather 3 months of no workshop income)? Join my Patreon! Patreon folks saw (and got way more detail on) the techniques I worked on during my August of Innovation, mentioned in the podcast above, in more-or-less real time.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

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