Give the gift of Extreme Double-knitting!

Whew … it has been a busy month! Thank you for your patience with me! Here’s what’s been going on.

I received the shipment of Extreme Double-knitting on October 15th, more or less as expected. With help from a couple of friends, I got the majority of books into storage, and a bunch of them back home. For the next few days, I spent much of my time fulfilling preorders. The weekend after that was Rhinebeck, which I attended with some friends from one of my knitting groups. Rhinebeck was fun but exhausting, and I spent much of my time in the Dirty Water Dyeworks booth chatting with passers-by and occasionally selling a book. I don’t know how the sales numbers were yet, but I feel like they were pretty good.

I had two weeks between that event and my next one, and while I should really have been pushing the book harder, I had just spent the better part of two years working on a project that was finally complete — and I wanted some downtime. I took a couple of weeks off, fulfilling a few new orders here and there, preparing for Stitches SoCal, and also working on another crazy new project that I’ll talk more about in my next post.

Stitches SoCal was the first show where I was both teaching and had Extreme Double-knitting available for sale, and it sold pretty well again. While at that show, I was able to do some networking — and made the acquaintance of a woman who may be helping me expand my reach via social media (which I am admittedly not great at). I am excited to see if her work can help to boost my sales as we go into the holiday season.

Which brings us to right now. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember a detail from last year: due to high seasonal rates of package theft, I will be turning off Media Mail as a shipping option beginning on Black Friday (next Friday) this year. Priority Mail will be the only domestic shipping option for my physical books and patterns until New Year’s Day, 2019. So if you want to save on shipping, order your books between now and next Friday! For international customers, there’s no change.

If you’re interested in buying Extreme Double-knitting from Amazon, you may have noticed that the listing has been posted — but it’s not yet in stock. I have been in conflict about this since I saw another artist I follow leave Amazon — both as a political protest against rampant corporate profit and control over our lives, and because Amazon just doesn’t pay very well — but the fact is that Amazon is where people often look first for books, and nothing I do can change that. Amazon will not allow me to ship new product past Black Friday for sale this holiday season, so it is likely that I will ship them a couple of boxes between now and then. Keep in mind, however, that if you want the Print+PDF deal, you’ll need to order your books from me directly.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned — I’ll have another post soon about Winter/Spring 2019 workshops!


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