Another feather in my hat

Cold-weather lace, anyone?

I promised I’d show this when it was far enough along to get photographed, so here it is, in progress. This pattern will be called Shuti, after the Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a two-feathered headdress. Yeah, it doesn’t look like said hieroglyph, but given that it’s a two-sided feather-and-fan hat, it’s appropriate.

This is done in Artyarns Ensemble, as mentioned in my last post, and is slated for submission to a book they’re working on. The deadline is Sept 1, and I’m sure I’ll have the knitting done well before then. The pattern will be a change for me — entirely in text, not charted, because it’s just a lace pattern. OK, it’s just a lace pattern adapted to double-knitting.

Here’s a neat thing about double-knitting lace. I can make both sides the same color but the nature of the yarn-overs means that the two sides are locked together at the yarn-overs — not at the color-changes, as with normal double-knitting. Sure, I can make the yarn-overs not lock the sides together, but then why would you double-knit it?

More on this pattern later. In the meantime, I’ve been blogged about by Audrey of, who I met at TNNA! I promise not to post every time I get blogged about, but I’m excited!

3 thoughts on “Another feather in my hat”

  1. Hello Alasdair
    A bloggy friend has just emailed me your blogsite and youtube show and tell.

    What a STAR you are. I am a fairly recent convert to double knitting and have felt a double knitting book coming myself BUT after seeing your work – perhaps I will just crawl back into my (down under) hole.

    I took three weeks to figure out an edging I could live with. I very very looking forward to your book and have just subscribed.

    the very best

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