Flames are rising …

Today, the most important thing I want to mention is that I’ll be leaving the country for a couple of weeks on vacation with my wife. It’s been 4 years since my last proper vacation (no coincidence: it has taken about the same amount of time to write/edit/print two books). We’ll be visiting Armenia, with a short stopover in Austria where we’ll get to visit with some of my wife’s father’s relatives. Because I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, any orders you place on my store will be delayed in shipping until I return. So order soon, or prepare to wait. I’ll be leaving Saturday evening, so if you order today or Friday, I’ll most likely be able to ship before I leave.

Upcoming workshops

I have a break this month, but when I return, I’ll finish up my Fall 2019 season with:

Then, we skip ahead to the Spring 2020 season, where the following appearances are booked:

I also have a couple of appearances in the works which I am not yet at liberty to discuss. I’ll post them as soon as I can; you can also check for details on my events calendar.

For those of you who were expecting to see my name pop up for Stitches events, I’m sorry. I opted out of Salt Lake because I expected to be traveling during that time, and I was not booked for SoCal 2019 or West 2020. I hope to be back to more Stitches events in the future, but time will tell!

A quick update about the project on my needles:

Agni Deus, beading complete!

This is Agni Deus, or a small piece of it, showing the fold-up brim with both types of beads exposed. As I mentioned back in May while I was swatching for this, it’s one of the Five Elements hats — obviously, this is “fire”. The iridescent red/orange beads are meant to represent embers (and the red pattern is fire); the matte black beads are meant to represent charcoal, and the gray pattern is smoke. Of course, it’ll be fascinating to see what other people do with their color combinations. The yarn is A Hundred Ravens Yaksha. The beading is complete; I just need to finish the crown. This hat will not be coming with me to Armenia; instead I’ll be bringing Falling Blocks Redux to keep me occupied on the long flights. Updates on both as I have them …

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!

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