Shuti samples complete!

Everything else I'm working on just seems so ... scratchy, somehow

Today I finished the samples for the hat I’m doing for Artyarns‘ One And One Hats book. I still have to get the pattern done, but most of that is already done too, it’s just a matter of compiling already-written stuff. I’ve had uniformly great feedback from folks at my various knitting groups, both on the yarn and the pattern.

There are two sizes here — the smaller size for an 18-21″ head (so it’d be suitable for older kids up to some adults — and really, are you going to be giving a young kid a hat in cashmere and silk?), and the larger size for a 21-24″ head. The great thing about this particular pattern is that the smaller size is 6 repeats of the pattern worked for 6″ before the decreases, and the larger size is 7 repeats worked for 7″ before the decreases. Neat, eh?

Also, I weighed the remaining yarn after each hat, and there is enough in a pair of 100g skeins to do either hat twice!

See the opposite sides here. The darker sides don’t show the light background as well, but I think under natural light we’ll see a difference.

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