These hats were lost in the fire … but they may be making a comeback

TL;DR: sign up for my “Design your own Double-knit Hat” workshop series, starting next weekend (Oct 3) at Stitches at Home.

I posted last time about what I was able to recover, in terms of samples, from the fire. There’s a whole lot more that I didn’t recover — more than I could list (not actually true, as I did have to list it for the insurance, although I’m sure I missed some things). I had some old hats that were stored along with my stash, not with my other samples. And since the stash was lost, so too were these hats.

At the time, I wasn’t too broken up about it. After all, they were relics of a workshop I hadn’t taught in about a decade — and isn’t practical to teach while traveling due to the necessity of scheduling two separate weekends to do it. They were also all done in twisted stitches (as much of my work was at the time).

Then the good folks at XRX got in touch and offered me a workshop space at Stitches At Home, a show where we’re teaching on … get this … two separate weekends.

It hadn’t even occurred to me that I could resurrect this old workshop for the virtual teaching world — but yes, it’s ideally suited to a teaching environment where nobody needs to travel.

It’s also the only class I teach that’s specifically project-based. Especially during the winter gifting season, many people are interested in projects rather than learning new techniques.

So, without further ado, I’ve got 12 slots left in my “Design your own Double-knit Hat” class, taught across three 2-hour sessions on Oct 3, 4 and 10. If you already love double-knitting but want to get into designing, this is a great first step. If your double-knitting is a little rusty, this will help you get the muscle memory you’ll need for it to feel natural. And you’ll learn some decreases to boot!

I do feel bad that I wasn’t able to take better photos. Even if I had the hats still accessible, I could have done some better photography. But if I’m going to be adding this workshop to my (virtual) knitting roster, I could begin revisiting some of the hats for eventual release as standalone patterns. I’ve got plans for one of them already, which I’ll use to teach the upcoming sessions. We’ll see which others get revisited if there are further iterations of this class.

Stay tuned for more about workshops — there’s a lot in the works right now, and I’m trying to sort it all out! Thanks for your patience!

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