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If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have had a chance to fill out a survey I posted around this time last year. A lot has happened since then, and many of you have had chances to take virtual workshops with me. As we approach a relaxing of pandemic restrictions here in the US (whether or not that’s a good idea right now), you may be wondering whether the BuildingBlox workshop series is about to encounter the chopping block in favor of a return to live events.

Rest assured, I will continue to run virtual workshops. It has become clear that this is a viable medium, as well as a great equalizer — many people who are not able to travel to the big shows where these workshops are ordinarily taught are now able to learn these techniques, and my sliding scale enrollment fees make it easier than ever to learn them from the comfort of your own home.

But I am also looking toward the future, and as I think about the evolution of Fallingblox Designs, I want to make sure you have a chance to weigh in on that future. Are you interested in virtual workshops? What kinds? What about books? Should I keep making those in this increasingly digital age? Answer these questions and more on my 2021 Survey!

In other news

I have been delaying scheduling of June and July workshops because I’ve been waiting to hear about a couple of events (including a wedding) which I needed to schedule around. Now that my non-knitting schedule has solidified, I’m free to offer some workshops, so here’s the current list for June and July (including Stitches and Fiberworld!). Links for the Stitches workshops are not yet live but will be soon. Check my calendar for updates.

If you are a member of my Patreon at the Extreme tier, remember that you are welcome to attend one of my BuildingBlox workshops per month for no charge; simply contact me to request the one(s) you want. If you are not a Patron yet, or are supporting at one of the lower tiers, and would like to have an easy way to take a lot of my workshops (in addition to all the other perks), consider joining at the Extreme tier! Thank you!

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