Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ve paused briefly on my scarves to fulfill a promise I made to myself — that when The Birthday Massacre, a favorite band of mine, came through town again, I’d throw a custom-designed TBM-themed hat up on stage for lead singer Chibi (also a knitter). I had the yarn but only recently got the inspiration to design this hat, tentatively called “Down The Rabbit Hole”. According to Ravelry, there are several other patterns with that title but no hats, so I might keep it or I might change it. However, this is only a prototype. I have to work some of the kinks out of the pattern before it’s ready for the prime time. If all goes well, I won’t have the hat anymore after tonight’s concert so I’ll have to rely on my memory and my photos to help me redesign it.

This sort of fanboyism creeps me out a bit, and I dislike doing it intensely, but I have been listening to their music for years and if I didn’t know that their front woman also is a knitter I probably wouldn’t do it. But since I have a good feeling she’ll appreciate it, I’ll do it. Just this once.

For those interested in stats, it’s made from 2 colors of Manos Silk Blend (30% silk, 70%% Merino) on size 4 needles for a DK gauge of 6 sts/in.

More views here and here. For those interested in the pattern, I’m not sure whether I will release it yet in its current state. I may redesign it radically or subtly but rest assured it will be a better pattern if/when I do decide to release it.

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  1. Love “Down the Rabbit Hole” please work on the pattern and release. In the mean time I’ll have enough to work on the Four Winds!

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