OK, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the knitters and other fiber artists righteously indignant over the treatment we’re getting from the US Olympic Committee. You’ve probably heard about it already, but if not, check out the downward spiral over at Gawker and NPR. Of course, you can also find the whole text of the original outrage at Ravelry (if you’re a member). Full disclosure: I don’t have a TV, I don’t tend to watch sports in general, and I don’t make a point of watching the Olympics. I’m not partaking in the Ravelympics, or whatever they’re going to have to change the name to, because I have enough on my plate working on new patterns and juggling the rest of my life. But I feel the pain — it’s always disheartening to hear that someone you enjoy spending time with thinks your hobbies are a childish waste of time. So, I whipped up this handy Facebook thingy which you should share. You can get a more-easily-shareable link on my Facebook Page. When you share it, the arrow points at your FB avatar (as you’ll see), so it makes more sense there than it does here. And whether you choose to boycott the Olympics this year or not, just remember when anyone disrespects you for your chosen pastime, you’re the one with the pointy sticks.

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