The 52 Pickup pattern book is now available for holiday delivery!

Well here it is, folks, the surprise I meant to tell you about. I was hoping to have this out sooner but not everything fell together exactly on time. However, enough has come together at this point that I can extend the offer.

I’ve already posted this to my mailing lists, and now I’m going to reach further. In January of this year, I released the pattern for 52 Pickup, my first true “magnum opus” double-knitting piece. At the time, I didn’t think it would be practical to print it as well, but I realize that many people value having a nicely-printed and bound version of certain patterns. Binding it poses certain difficulties — for example, if the charts are stuck always in the same order, how is it practical to “shuffle” the charts so that the cards are in a random order?

A perfect gift for your obsessive knitter.

But I decided to go for it anyway, after Shannon at Cooperative Press gave me a lead on a printer that could print them cheaply and cleanly and in any number I required with a very short lead time. I printed a very small number — 50 — to start with and see how they sell. 10 of those are set aside for use as kits.

To solve the issue of the un-shufflable (is that a word? It is now) pages, I’m offering a free PDF copy of the pattern from Ravelry to anyone who buys the print copy of the pattern book. The book also includes a reprint of my article on the mathematics and design behind this scarf, originally printed in Issue Zero of Knit Edge Magazine.

The book alone is $19.95 plus shipping, and the kit (which includes the book, the free PDF download, 10 balls of Regia 4-ply in the proper colors, and a deck of cards) is $109.95, plus shipping. The kit is currently only on preorder — I am still waiting for the yarn to arrive but I’ve been assured that it’s Not Going To Be Long Now. I’m under the impression that I’ll be able to ship kits at least to US addresses before Christmas. If it turns out I need to eat my words, I’ll be happy to send the book alone to those who preordered, and the rest of the kit when it arrives.

I was planning on selling them on Etsy, but I decided instead to simply sell them directly on my website with a WePay widget, so that I only owe fees to one company rather than two. So if you’re interested, go visit my website’s patterns page!

Stay tuned for more announcements here soon (or sooner than usual, anyway)!

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