Moving, workshops and YouTube videos

It’s been a crazy past couple of months. I’ll try to recap. My wife Amanda and I put an offer on a condo, went to Belize for our belated honeymoon, came back, secured a loan, I went to Seattle for Cat Bordhi’s Visionary Retreat with a bunch of fantastic guys, ran up a huge phone bill closing the deal on the condo from Seattle between presentations, came back, closed on and moved into the new condo 3 days later. I taught 2 workshops, one to the Nashoba Valley Knitters’ Guild and one at Mind’s Eye Yarns, and I have been struggling to catch up with work, juggle my social life (which I really have to cut down on), and keep knitting toward the book.

I don’t know how I’m going to manage, but after the retreat I feel a little more confident.

I have told people in my workshops that they should visit my YouTube videos for refreshers on some of the workshop content. Now that the Winter 2009 Twist Collective magazine is down, it’ll be harder for people to find those links, so I’ll post them here:

Double-Knit Cast-On
Double-Knit Stitches
Double-Knit Decreases

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