Go off the grid with Victorian Raffia

Folks, it’s been a long time but Victorian Raffia is finally available for purchase. Kieran Foley and I decided to release this as a jointly-authored pattern and we hope you enjoy the results.VicRaffia-600

I’m just going to keep this brief and recommend you check out my previous blog post on the topic — all the creative-process stuff is laid out there. Thanks for your patience and I hope it’s worth the wait!

For a more complete look at the scarf, check out this photo too.

One thought on “Go off the grid with Victorian Raffia”

  1. What a generous gift! Hopefully it will bring many people into the realm of double knitting, and they will buy more of your patterns. Personally, I already owned many of your patterns, as I own your book and subscribe to your Craftsy class. So I got the Parallax pattern, like so many others. In the future, I’m aiming to buy and knit the Victorian Raffia pattern, once I get through more of my queue. Thanks again!

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