An apology to my readers

Not that I expect I have many regular readers, but I owe you an apology. My blog hasn’t been updated in many months because I am working feverishly on my book, knitting and charting and working out kinks in existing designs. I have never been great at blogging, which may be my downfall in the end because bloggers who don’t update every couple of days fall off people’s radar. I am hoping that I will get back on people’s radar due to the merit of what I will be posting. I have had several pieces knit by sample knitters and I am doing several myself (charting as I design them, or knitting them several months after charting them). All in all there should be 12 or 15 designs, depending on how they’re counted, plus technique illustrations and text. As an update, I have one design to finish working out and knitting, two to design from scratch (but they’re small projects) and one other small project to knit up. I have had some success in my initial illustrations (I have an Illustrator brush technique that will allow me to “paint” colored yarn, but I have to work out the stitch structures). I’ll try to post here more often — I do have some finished or mostly-finished projects that are ready for photographs.

4 thoughts on “An apology to my readers”

  1. I don’t mind infrequent posts. Rather infrequent than often and meaningless. I’ll eagerly await pictures of your projects (and the book!)

  2. The blog feed reader tells me when there is a post to check; you won’t fall off my radar. LOL I’m looking forward to hearing more about the book.

  3. I’m making your falling blocks hat–I was so excited to see that you put the pattern up for sale on ravelry. can’t wait for the book to come out!

  4. Re: Illustrator and stitch structure, Jeny Carden Staiman (jenyc on ravelry, Curious Knitter blog) has a blog post you might find useful. Also I think… TECHknitter may have said stuff about this on ravelry in one of the Designer groups? I know, I’m not being sufficiently detailed enough to be really helpful, but the point is you probably don’t have to work this out for yourself because others have done it. (I don’t use Illustrator myself, or I’d give actual advice on that front.)

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