Book Countdown: Month 14

082315-samples214 months to go, and I’ve had lots of time to work on designs this month. Sadly, no progress on sample-knitters — the one piece I had ready to go to a sample knitter is being returned unfinished and I will need to find another person who can do it faster to get to my (self-imposed) deadline. However, I’m coming along fast on the heels of several other pieces.

From the photo above, we’ve got a prototype chart and technique swatch for the three-color DK shawlette I mentioned last month. This is in Plucky Knitter Oxford, which has a similar fiber content to the Plucky Knitter Primo Sport I worked the off-the-grid piece in, but a completely different look and feel. The colors are très Kristin Nicholas, which I’ve had mixed reactions to — but enough positive that I’m going to stick with them. I am concerned that Plucky may not be able to provide any other colors right now (their site still says they’re sold out) so one way or the other I’m going to stick with it.

The one in the center is a snippet of the chart for the DK mittens in Rauma Finullgarn. This is a yarn I picked up at Interweave Knitting Lab from the guys at Wall of Yarn. I had plans to do a pair of mittens with it but never got around to it. Now I’ve got an excuse so here we go! They’re going to use my “Tibetan thumb” which is a great if unconventional way to grow a thumb gusset that follows the musculature of the hand more closely. I used this method on a pair of mittens I made for Willow Yarns some time ago, but the photos don’t really show it very well. I hope I can reproduce it well in double-knitting,

The last photo is another element of the DK lace shawl I’m working out the details on. In order to do this mock-cabled lace look, I had to make up some moves that would be considered weird in standard lace, and doubly weird in double-knit lace. I will be revamping some of this but for the most part it’s just in need of blocking before I can finish planning out the final pattern.

Stitches Midwest went off very well, and I look forward to visiting Schaumburg again next year. In September, I’ll be at Stitches Texas in Irving — class numbers are much lower here, so if you’re a Texan or know any who’d be interested in my classes, please let them know there’s plenty of space left in all 3 of my advanced classes. I’ve also got confirmation that Westport Yarns in CT will be hosting me for an Intro and a Multi-color double-knitting workshop on Saturday, October 24th. They might be adding a third class on Sunday morning but that may be contingent on levels of interest.

You may have heard that I’ve got a pattern in the upcoming Vogue Knitting fall issue. I haven’t seen it yet, but as soon as I get my hands on a copy I’ll make a post about it.


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