Without Struktur, everything falls apart

Well, not really, but since appearing atop my article in Twist Collective, this hat has been the most-requested unpublished pattern. I was never really happy with the original pattern — the closure I used made it kind of pointy and I didn’t want to publish it that way. On top of that, the chart I based it on was lifted directly from Jessica Tromp’s amazing website. In light of that, I wasn’t at liberty to publish it anyway. I made some efforts to do my own chart that looked similar, but never came out with anything quite as elegant as Jessica’s. So, at Cat Bordhi’s recommendation, I emailed Jessica and to my surprise she was very happy to let me publish the pattern! Of course she’ll get credit for the original chart. So that left me with the responsibility to do better with the crown of the hat. Some fiddling around with decreases later, I had a few revisions of the chart and settled on this one, in which the decreases actually seem like they’re part of the design, and don’t interrupt the chart at all. I love this hat now — it’s one of my favorites. The other neat thing about it is that I knit it in the space of a week — the fastest hat I’ve ever done, and I could have done it even quicker if I decided I didn’t need the fold-up brim.

I gave the hat a new name (not that it had a name before), calling it “Struktur”. The German meaning of this word is particularly apt for any knitting project, but for one that looks like it’s made from skeletal building blocks assembled by M.C. Escher, it was perfect.

You can see more views of this hat here, here, here, here, and here. For those who are interested in the pattern, I am planning to wait until the book is published but it is possible I may release this pattern ahead of the book if demand is high enough.

8 thoughts on “Without Struktur, everything falls apart”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Alisdair! The hat is fab. So, enquiring minds want to know: when is the book due out?!

  2. I’ve just gotten back into dk and wish I lived closer and could take advantage of your workshops. Book? When, where?

    I’m trying to figure out how to add a third color in a hat for my grandson and would love a book or video with instructions!

    Beautiful designs.

  3. I am striving to make my instructions as comprehensive as possible, but I’m not sure I’d try tackling this hat as a first double-knit project. Perhaps you’ll find something else you like in the book that you can do first — or perhaps you’ll just jump in and do a fine job :>

  4. Wow!
    This is an amazing design – more importantly – can I get a hold of your book here in Australia??

  5. International shipping being what it is, it may be cheaper for you to go with the E-Book version, but to the best of my knowledge we’ll ship wherever as long as you’re willing to pay the rates required. And if my publisher won’t do it, I’ll gladly send it myself.

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