These are just too cute. No, really. I may be sick.

Despite my ambivalence toward children, I thought these things up long ago. The only issue has been the construction. I am big on seamless designs, or at least designs that only require the picking up of stitches. Sewing together is great for afghans, but I feel it shouldn’t be relied upon for smaller items, except perhaps some knitted toys. Baby booties are just glorified socks, so I quickly departed from the modular designs I was planning on using and researched other baby booties, sock construction, and sizing. I knit quite a few baby booties — but only one of each, so as not to be in any way useful for a real baby — while trying to understand sizing and the merits of various types of construction. The problem was that most booties are either actually sock patterns, so they fold flat in a vertical orientation, or they focus on the body of the boot, making the sole an afterthought. For these, I really wanted to make the sole the focal point, for obvious reasons.

These are the first in what I believe will be a series of works which will use a combination of doubled-yarn work and double-knitting. I determined that one can use the stitches I call “2k2” and “2p2” as shaping elements in the double-knit box posted earlier, but one can also use them more thoroughly as body stitches, in this case, garter stitch. At any point in the work I can separate the two ends and use them to make double-knitting, which is only a little off the gauge of the garter stitch, easily blocked into uniformity. In the case of these booties, blocking isn’t necessary since it’s best to have the sole be just a little smaller than the top of the bootie anyway.

5 thoughts on “These are just too cute. No, really. I may be sick.”

  1. your brain works in ways I may never understand, but I love taking advantage of it when it figures cool things out! Really can’t wait till you publish your knitting book!

  2. Alasdair! I’m tickled pink to see what you’ve been up to since BOG days. It’s also intriguing to me to realize that we’ve both migrated from paper to fiber, you to knitting and me to quilting (more specifically, hand piecing) and that we both enjoy the technical and teaching aspects of our crafts. I watched your videos and so enjoyed hearing your voice, and I followed your descriptions perfectly and with great pleasure. You have also shown me by your example how I might get around some of the challenges I’ve found in sharing my hand piecing techniques. Truly, happeing upon you here has been a wonderful piece of serendipity. My heartfelt congratulations on your recent marriage! Becky Phillips

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