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Well, my friend Guido has proved again that he’s a bad influence on me, but I know he has my best interests at heart. First he makes me ditch my antiblog and start an actual blog, now he’s gone and forced me to join Facebook. I’ll be posting updates up there as well as here.

Also, I have another Intro to Double-Knitting (Level 1) workshop running at Mind’s Eye Yarns this spring, on May 7th. Sign up if you want to learn double-knitting and live in the Cambridge area! I’m going to try to set up some other workshops but I’ve been either ridiculously busy or sick all this winter, so it may well be too late. We’ll see.

Oh, and thanks to everyone that came out to see me at the Red Line Yarn Crawl — it was lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming workshop and Facebook page”

  1. Quick question: I took your workshop at Mind’s Eye last November. Have finished a small project (a test swatch, really) that someone wants. I’m curious how to block it. Does it need to be blocked on both sides, or just one?

    I had meant to do the yarn crawl on Sat, but lack of funds and a paper that is due this week were calling my name.

  2. Hi Ken —

    When I block my pieces, I usually block both sides. However, if one side is significantly more bulky (not usually the case with flat DK), you can focus your efforts more on stretching out the other side to even it out.

    Hope you’ll keep up the double-knitting!

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