Going to the shows! and new patterns in development

I’ve been a little reclusive since I finished the bulk of my work on the book, but now I have some stuff to share. First of all, I have plane tickets and hotel reservations to go to TNNA this summer in Columbus, Ohio — actually, that’s only 2 weeks from now. I’m getting in under the Cooperative Press umbrella, and primarily will be there to push my upcoming book, which is currently in the layout stage. In all likelihood, I will have the book itself when I attend Rhinebeck and Stitches East this October.

In memory of Victor Vasarely?

But in the meantime, I’m not relaxing — I’ve got several more patterns in the works. The two I have on the needles are scarves in the 7-8 sts/in range, and one is pictured here. It’s called “Parallax”, which is a catchy name, if scientifically inaccurate. I’m knitting it in Kauni Effektgarn. I actually have almost double this amount done — it’s a shockingly easy pattern, and I can get quite a lot done in short order.

The other scarf I have on the needles I’m going to keep under wraps (except to those who see me working on it locally) until I have more of it done. It’s a sort of magnum opus — I’ve written the pattern, and it’s 114 pages long. Now I just have to knit it. It’s going relatively quickly despite its complexity, and I hope to have a majority done before the shows in October. Because each row is different, it keeps my interest well; and because there is an element of randomness there is an infinitesimal chance that any two — even made by different people — will ever be the same. I am of course making my exact configuration available in the pattern for those who’d rather just do it exactly as I did. I’d like to find out what the exact statistical likelihood is, so if you’re a statistician, please get in touch :>

When these patterns are made available, I think they’ll be digital only.

Anyway, if you’re going to TNNA, look for the guy with the knitted tie on!

2 thoughts on “Going to the shows! and new patterns in development”

  1. Wow that scarf pictured is trippy! I love it. I hope that you do make this magnum opus available. I am completely intrigued. I have been since you mentioned it on Rav.

  2. The statistical estimates of the likelihood of two people knitting the same magnum opus depend on the total number of options to make decisions. Since each stitch is knit in one color or the other, the probability of two knitters selecting the same color for the same stitch is .5. If there are three opportunities to select the color, the probability of two knitters matching all three times is .5*.5*.5, or (.5)to the 3rd power. If there are one thousand selections, the probability would be .5 to the 1,000th power. The more choices you allow, the lower the probability of matching. That said, these probabilities only hold over many tests, so there could theoretically be two identical magni opi, but the odds are better at winning the lottery.
    Good luck with your book. I look forward to reading it.

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