TNNA Update

So … I’m heading to TNNA this Friday and coming back on Monday. I’m sure I’ll have a blast. You can find me at Booth #158 — as I understand it, that’ll be a booth in the first row, so it’ll be mobbed (hopefully). I don’t yet know specifically when I’ll be there, but I’ll strive to be there as much as I can, taking only sporadic breaks for meals and Jeni’s Ice Cream ;>

A quick update on the book: Shannon has finished the first stage of layout, now we need to tweak things until we’re both happy with it. I’m going to Kinko’s today and picking up a printed version that I’ll be marking up and taking with me. So even if there won’t be a galley proof, there will be one form of the Extreme Double-Knitting manuscript on hand at TNNA. If you’re nice, I might let you peek at it.

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