Buy your double-knitting gifts soon!

Just a reminder that your last chance to order printed books and patterns from my online store (including Double or Nothing, Parallax, and Victorian Raffia, among other standalone patterns) to ensure delivery to the US by Christmas will be Tuesday, Dec 19th. If you are closer to the Northeastern US, you may be able to order later and get 2-day shipping or even 1-day shipping, but that’s not guaranteed.

Remember, if you order direct from my store (as opposed to Amazon), every book and pattern comes with a free PDF download code. You can also request a signature on your book for a nominal extra fee. Thanks for supporting small fiber businesses this year!

p.s. If you’d like to hear a recent review of Double or Nothing, the Knitmore Girls did one on their podcast back in November. I knew they were going to, but I didn’t actually hear it was out until later — so here you go.

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