Extreme Book Touring

Extreme Double-Knitting should be out at the end of the week, and by coincidence (not really — by design) I’ll be heading out to Rhinebeck at the same time. The first physical copies will be sold there (come see me at Bldg C, Booth 37 from 1-2pm Sat and Sun — I will be there other times but those times are guaranteed).

I had workshops at Webs and Fiber Lab set up, but neither one panned out. Because the workshops didn’t run, my publisher decided to scrap the trunk shows and book signings at both places too. So I will be having a slightly more relaxed travel weekend — but I’m sorry to those who had hoped to find me at one of those locations. You’ll just have to head to Rhinebeck or Stitches now.

The following weekend, I will be heading to Stitches East (Hartford, CT) and hanging out in the Market with Cooperative Press. Apparently we’re sharing space with Bijou Basin Ranch in 1005, 1007 and 1009. More info on that as I get it.

Visit my full calendar for more event details.

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Extreme Book Touring”

  1. i want to make every single thing in your book. i have only glanced through it (got my ravelry download) and i can already see how awesome this book is.

    can’t wait to get the hard copy in my hands!

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