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Sorry for the string of non-project-based posts. I’m sure you’d like to see what I’m working on, but I don’t have new photos yet. Suffice it to say, the book is out, the buzz is good, preorders are shipping and my trips to Rhinebeck and Stitches East were fruitful. I am now about to take a much-deserved vacation to a cabin in central Vermont with my wife for a long weekend, and before I go I wanted to make sure you know when I’ll be popping up next.

In November, I have a bunch of appearances in the Boston area. Please come and visit your LYS, buy my book or bring your copy for signing. The first appearance will be at Windsor Button from 12-3 on Saturday, Nov 5. Then I’ll be doing a presentation at the Common Cod Fiber Guild on Friday night, Nov 11 at MIT, followed by a Level 1 and Level 2 workshop at Mind’s Eye Yarns. The following weekend I’ll be doing trunk shows and book signings at Gather Here in Cambridge and at Newbury Yarns‘ new location in Boston. For more info, please check out my calendar. December will be mostly virtual appearances for me, and I will be planning workshops for the Spring.

And now, for the curious among you, project updates. I am still working on the 52 pickup scarf; I am starting the 11th repeat (of 18). If you last saw it at TNNA, it’s about 3 times longer now. Parallax 1.0 is creeping toward completion but is still about 1/3 to 1/4 done. I have started Parallax 0.5, a lower-res version, in Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness (a yak and bamboo blend). I have also accepted yarn to design a new necktie and a belt in Findley for Juniper Moon Fiber Farm. The necktie I will most likely release on Ravelry although I am tempted to see about releasing it as a kit; the belt should be in an upcoming Juniper Moon book.

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