I’m finally published!

Four Winds Hat
Four Winds Hat

This morning, Twist Collective published its Winter 2009 issue, which I have a pattern in! My Four Winds hat — the one with the compass rose on it — is up for purchase by any aspiring or experienced double-knitters. Of course, the patterns can be used for non-double-knitting colorwork too.

Twist Collective approached me in mid-summer, after my friend Guido took my portfolio and some samples to TNNA, to write a pattern and an article for their Winter issue. I got the yarn and churned out two and a half hats in the space of a month, as well as a pattern, an article and three tutorial videos. Thanks to my sample knitter Suzanne for her help, and Suzanne, there will be a free pattern in this for you as soon as I figure out how to get my hands on it without having to pay myself.

I have a pattern ready for my Falling Blocks hat (go see my old antiblog around November of 07 for more info on that) and many test-knitters who have done a fantastic job with it. I need to finalize the pattern and get that one posted on Ravelry as well. To any of my test-knitters who are reading, thanks so much and I hope you can understand the delay. What with the Twist Collective pattern and the wedding, I just haven’t had time to review the input from that hat, but rest assured it is going to happen soon.

Thanks again to Guido for his advocacy, and to my lovely wife Amanda for putting up with my pattern-work while I should have been helping more with wedding stuff.

8 thoughts on “I’m finally published!”

  1. Congratulations on both becoming a married man and a published knits designer!! I have been fascinated with the doubleknit hats on your old blog – they are beautiful! I’m so glad you have now written an article about it with instructive videos! Great work!

  2. Congratulations. Your knitting is beautiful. I’m looking forward to trying double knitting. Do you have a pattern for the other (3 colored) hat also?

  3. The tutorials are fantastic – really clear and helpful. The hat is also beautiful. I am so excited to be learning a new technique after so many years of knitting!

  4. Congratulations, I love the dbl knitted hats.
    Also, I’m finally ready to try making a dbl knit afghan. Do you still have your afghan patterns for sale?

  5. Alasdair, I am admiring your dk patterns. In the twist collective article, there is a picture of a dk hat. Do you have the pattern, or do you know where I can get the pattern? Please e-mail me any info you have. Thanks for taking the time. Regards, ute

  6. Amazing! Very impressive. Good luck with the book. E-mail me when it comes out. I will definitely want a copy. Cheers!

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