The Victorian Raffia Scarf is half done!

Victorian Raffia Scarf
Victorian Raffia Scarf

Many folks who follow the double-knitting group on Ravelry — or who attend knitting groups with me — will have seen me working on this scarf. I generally put a couple of rows in while commuting to work (not in traffic — I take the train!) and as such the scarf is taking its time. I’m sure it won’t be done this winter but it’s still fun to watch the Kauni change colors as I go. This is largely an exercise — the pattern is not my own, it’s modified from a pattern by a fellow named Kieran Foley — in decorative increasing and decreasing in double-knitting. Believe it or not, counting both knit and purl-side decreases, there are 12 different types of increase and decrease to keep track of — and in some rows, 10 of those are used in the space of 57 stitches.

But as I said, it’s just an exercise, to become proficient in all of these decorative elements so that my next design (a hat, I’m sure — surprise, surprise) will be able to incorporate some of these techniques.

I call it the Victorian Raffia Scarf because the flower element makes me think of Victorian patterns, whereas my knots and crosses modification of Kieran Foley’s pattern makes me think of African raffia cloth patterns. I’m probably off, culturally speaking, on both counts, but I like the name and I’m sticking with it. Check out another view.

And before you ask, yes, I plan on blocking it when it’s done. It definitely needs it.

6 thoughts on “The Victorian Raffia Scarf is half done!”

  1. Your Victorian Raffia Scarf is lovely! I’ve been knitting for many years (learned from my mom and great-aunt more than 35 years ago when I was 6 years old), but have never tried double knitting. I watched your videos on Twist Collective. They were very informative. Thanks for posting them.

  2. wow! that is beautiful! i saw your article on twist collective and, since i had just “discovered” double knitting, i found the tc article so interesting. i love your designs! and am very interested to hear more about your experiments in cables, etc.

    look forward to reading more…

  3. The scarf is stunning! Learning double knitting is one of my goals for next year, so I’ve been gathering information and dabbling in it for a few months.

    Congratulations on being published. I have followed your blog and work in double knitting for a while, and it pleased me to see others recognize the work that you have done as well as affirming both the quality and design expertise evident in your work. Thanks for posting the helpful videos.

  4. That scarf is to die for! Are you going to publish a book? I would love to have one with your patterns. If you do, don’t forget remedial double knitting for us beginners. Thanks.

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