The wedding is over, I have no more excuses …

Sunflower ring pillow
Sunflower ring pillow

Did you hear I got married? Amanda and I were married a month ago today. Tonight, I’m taking her to the North End for dinner, but before I dress up and head out, I’m posting one knitting-related wedding item. Our wedding was as DIY as we could get away with, and everyone we’ve talked to had a great time. We stressed out like any other couple in the months leading up to it, and like any other couple we were glad when it was over. We’re still waiting on most of the photos, but some friends and family have gotten some to us. This is a ring pillow I designed, based on the sunflower center from Lesley Stanfield’s book. I didn’t like the petals, so I did my own, as well as the back, and stuffed it to make it more pillow-ish. See this photo at higher res here and some ringless detail here and here

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