Fibercamp in the past. Interweave in the future. But now? Entrelac.

Last weekend was FiberCamp Boston, the third incarnation of that illustrious event. Actually, we really need to figure out how to get it to grow larger. But much fun was had by all. Last year I learned a bit about how to knit and purl backwards, but never put it into practice. It got me thinking — how about double-knit entrelac? If all the techniques are already possible, why not put them together? But I got sidetracked by the Parallax scarves and eventually the 52 Pickup scarf — and the backwards knitting skill was lost.

Now I know there’s always Youtube, but I decided it could wait. This year I took a class on knitting and purling backwards, then a class on entrelac. I’ve done entrelac before but only a little bit, so I just refreshed my memory on the technique, then ripped it out and cast on to try it in double-knitting. This weekend, it’s done. Just a little swatch, nothing more than a test to see if the various techniques translate well. It’s not perfect — I was testing open and closed edge pickups, and of course my tension is not perfect since this is the first time I’ve tackled double-knitting backwards, but it’s a good proof of concept.

When I finish the hat this technique is going toward, I think I am going to be lynched. It requires so many new techniques it might as well be the last pattern in my next book. But I’m sure I’ll release it before then. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a photo of my test swatch, just to prove it can be done. Click for facing and opposite side photos as well.

In workshop news, I’m going to be running one last set of workshops here in Cambridge, then traveling in April and May to Acton and the Village Knitter on Long Island. Check my calendar for those dates. Over the summer I’m sure I’ll be at TNNA, and in the fall I’ll be at Rhinebeck and Stitches East — but I’m not teaching at any of them this year, largely because I am instead teaching at Interweave Knitting Labs — both the east coast one in Manchester, NH as well as the west coast one in San Mateo, CA. I’m psyched to teach and honored that Interweave is hosting the first big event to truly reach out to me as a teacher. I hope this will be the catalyst for bigger things in the future.

Next on the chopping block — asymmetric double-knit lace (lace on one side, plain on the other).

5 thoughts on “Fibercamp in the past. Interweave in the future. But now? Entrelac.”

  1. Awesome! I’m glad you worked out the double knit entrelac! Can’t wait to see what kind of insane hat you use it in ;-p

  2. Alasdair – I worked out double knit lace patterns several years ago — not asymmetric, however. It has been so long that I can barely remember how I started. I will be very interested in what you come up with so that I can try again. I am also looking forward to receiving your book which I just ordered. Love your blog.


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