Book Countdown: Month 11

Knitting in the tropicsI’m on vacation in the tropics. It’s really hot here. I’m not getting nearly as much knitting done as I’d like but then again, I’m on vacation. I’m trying not to think about my responsibilities in the real world but inevitably I think about the fact that when I’m done here I’ll be about a month behind on my knitting projects. I’ve emailed the focus group once, but the question was kind of disjointed and unclear, and I will probably need to clarify it further later. But that’s OK. I’m on vacation.

I wrote this and saved it until I could get the photos dumped down from my camera. Then, predictably, I forgot about it until much later. The piece you can see there on the porch of my cabana about 70 feet above the rocky, mangrove-riddled, cheap side of Railay Beach, is the beginning of the final version of Ferronnerie, which I prototyped back in 2014. When I got back, I ripped a level of diamonds out and chose two other colors instead. You’ll see a snippet of it in Month 9.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this month. More in Month 10 — maybe?

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