Book Countdown: Month 10

Happy birthday to me … sorry, nothing for free this year. Last year, as you may remember, I ended up giving away over $20,000 in free patterns. I can’t do that every year. As you can probably guess if you’ve been following my blog, this is a post I made much later than its timestamp. It’s here because it looks bad to skip straight from month 12 to month 9, which is actually what happened. I was out of the country for a month, and when I got back it was all holiday prep all the time, not to mention fighting off a cold I caught in Cambodia and dealing with 12 hours of jetlag. I just didn’t have the energy to make a post — and there wasn’t much to show.

Hexworth SampleWhat I do have to show is the first completed piece back from one of my sample knitters, the finished textured DK scarf called Hexworth. Or maybe I should call it Graphene. Anyone care to vote? Right now all I have is a low-res photo sent by my sample-knitter while the piece was in progress. I’ll block it and take a better photo soon.

In other news, I’ve locked down a couple of appearances in VT (at the guild in my childhood hometown) and NYC (at Lion Brand Yarn Studio), and I’ve got a second appearance in both places on the near horizon. More news on those, very soon.

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